• Las afueras (The outskirts)

    Laia Moreto AlvaradoSculpture-Installation. Audio (10 minutes) and other elements. 2018. (Should you want to listen to the audio recording, please contact the artist).

    This installation is composed of 4 artworks which dialog poetically to one another. A peephole which reveals the unsuccessful works the artist stores; a small mirror sewed onto a bigger one; a rope communicating the interior and the exterior of the room; and an almost invisible bird hunting net serving as a wall in a white room. From such room, an audio recording reproduces the testimonial of a transsexual person working as a prostitute in the outskirts of Barcelona. This work aims at listening and giving voice to what happens in the margins of the city.

    Key words: transsexuality, outskirts, city, the Other.