• Soundscape

    Laia Moreto Alvarado, 2017 Action-sculpture. Different sizes and materials. The presence of a signal placed by a being into a landscape suggests the absence of the one who places it, and the presence of the one receiving it. It is also indicative of an inhabited and shared place. This display is a collection of material signals created from a sound graph in order to catch the viewer’s eye and attention. These signals originate from the recording of the sounds of the same landscape they are meant for. Signals which are distributed in a single space in order to bring out awareness of the sound within the urban and natural space, and to associate them to both loneliness and human agglomeration. This work is divided into four parts which are at the same time unified in two big blocks: Noise, including “Dissonance” and “Echo” and Silence, formed by “Sound” and “Stillness”. Key words: urban art, nature, noise, silence