Laia Moreto Alvarado


She has a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts -awarded with an extraordinary prize upon graduation- and has professionally been trained in photography at the IEFC (Institut d’Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya). She also studied a Masters degree in Artistic Production and Investigation at the Universitat de Barcelona.

Between 2003-2006 she was awarded a scholarship from the European Union to study sculpture at the FCVB (Fundació Centre del Vidre de Barcelona). After that, she was selected to go on a residence fellowship in Tunisia through UNESCO, Casa B’atz (Argentina) and VU PHOTO (Quebec).

She investigates on relationships of distance and proximity between human beings. That includes the following subjects:

Name (as a channel of relationship between the “us”), retreat (as a means to come back to the others); gesture (as an expression of human communication); house (as the longing for a home and a shelter); conflict (as the fragility of relations); confinement and freedom (as we are subject to our relationship with others); secret activities (as those arising from tediousness and easing conversation); mourning (as the last relationship with the missing other).

Her photographs have won awards and have been featured in various media and her sculptural work has been included in national and international exhibitions, at the Kowasa Gallery, Via 2, the Vila Casas Foundation, Visa Pour l´Image (Perpignan), the Barcelona Maritime Museum, the Pamplona Contemporary Art Biennial, Arts Santa Mònica, El Quadern Robat among other places.


Her photographic work is currently displayed at the art gallery Via 2, at the Caixa Terrassa and at the Kowasa Gallery, PNF (Generalitat de Catalunya). Moreover, pieces of  her sculptural work are part of the Fundació Patrim and UNESCO Art Collection.