• Alè. L’altre (Breath.The other)

     https://vimeo.com/283696305 Laia Moreto Alvarado, 2017. Sculpture-Installation. Glass and human breath.  The present work aims to show the traces left on us by the breathing of this close presence. It is a sculpture designed to contain human breath inside hundreds of tubular glass modules suspended in space. This material – light and almost as imperceptible as the misty air inside it – outlines the physical boundaries of a path that invites one to go along the whole interior of the set.This suggested walk, starting from an apparent solitude, is surrounded by the evocation of a breathing sound: the otherness is announced by the steam and by the absence of the one that causes it. As it bursts into space, the sculpture appears solid and firm even though its translucent slow breath evaporation may suggest fragility. Due to its quality of permeability with its surroundings, we are allowed to glimpse living traces among the lifeless matter inside the glass containers. Keywords: glass, sculpture, the other, sound, breath, journey.