• Uncertainties

    see video Laia Moreto Alvarado, 2016 Sculpture-Installation. Glass and steel wires. Set of 3 modules of 40x40x2,5 cm.   There is a pleasant rest but also a more exhausting one: the inaction that follows disorientation, constant changes, and the excess of transitoriness. The sculptural installation Uncertainties shows a set of suspended glass chairs that invite, like a mirage, to an unattainable rest. It is composed by 3 floating, mobile, fragmented chairs. As in a waiting room, they are placed in parallel making it impossible for the occupiers to meet one another frontally. Despite the solidity of each piece of furniture - and the fact that their different heights do not allow collisions among them- the seeming instability of its material questions the security and relationships amongst the potential occupiers of such space. Key words: uncertainty, installation, glass, suspension.